Is The Hero The New Bad Guy?


[jon] [hen-ree]  

1. U.S. Folklore. a legendary black man of exceptional strength and stamina.

When I was growing up a hero used to be someone that people respected. They didn’t hit women or try and steal your woman from you.  Money didn’t necessarily make them admirable, but, how they used it as an asset was a reflection of their character.  When it came to killing someone, they always tried to figure out another way. But I guess as the saying goes, “Times change.”

We have, in the last few years, embarked on a different era.  A time where morals are frowned upon. Where you will be ridiculed and labeled as an outcast for having a different viewpoint from what’s popular.  A time where torture is encouraged, stealing shows cunning and cheating makes for a grittier character.  The heroes of today don’t have morals.  They simply have power and are looking for any excuse to use it.  It just so happens that it benefits other people, however, their actions are purely for the benefit of themselves.  They can be selfish, heartless, greedy, prideful, jealous and egotistical. You won’t be hard pressed to find most if not all of these aspects in your modern day hero.  In truth they have every single bad quality that you would find in a villain, but they’re on your side. So then is that really a hero, or just “a gun in the right hands”?

Pay attention to your modern entertainment: Justified, Sons of Anarchy, Orange Is The New Black, Empire, Once Upon A Time, The Good Wife, Scandal. We’ve been tricked into rooting for the bad guy, and now when the hero shows up, you’ll curse him and spit in his face. But in reality what’s really happened is truly sad.

The villain is still the villain…we’ve just labeled him the hero.

We’ve all become the bad guy.

So this is the hero of my story, The Great and Legendary John Henry. A man of folklore from long ago. One whose morals of yesterday, will be tested by the standards of today. I pray you don’t hate him.

JOHN HENRYJOHN HENRY © and TM Fred Haynes 2015.

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~ by underworldstudios on August 19, 2015.

2 Responses to “Is The Hero The New Bad Guy?”

  1. Villains are the ones that you can develop the most, I guess. With flaws and stuff. So it makes them more understandable because we are all flawed.

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