I’ll Die With My Hammer In My Hand! (INSIGHT: JOHN HENRY)

There was an earth shattering explosion. Large stones from the mountain along with dust and smoke filled the air. After the wind had blown it all away and the dust had settled, there stood John Henry, breathing heavily. He had defeated the steam drill and proved that a man was better than a machine. With his victory over the construct, those that had labored day in and day out as steel driving men, they, along with their families, would get to keep their work and their land.

There was an eruption of excitement and a chorus of cheers. It was foretold that John Henry would die with his hammer in his hand, but, here he was once again victorious. The crowd began chanting his name, as he stood there up on the hill at its opening enjoying the rush of the moment, he leaned against the mountain.

Every man, woman and child owed a debt of gratitude to him, for he had single-handedly saved their town.  John was always their hero, but now he couldn’t keep the sweat from running into his eyes. They had placed everything they had in him, all their hopes and dreams, because they believed in him.  John Henry was a man of his word.  Now his vision was beginning to blur.  He always did the right thing.  If he said he was going to do something then it was as good as done.  He knelt down on one knee.  He could feel his heart beating in his hands and he began to hear a ringing in his ears…

For the rest of the origin story behind JOHN HENRY from the upcoming series,
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JOHN HENRYJOHN HENRY © and TM Fred Haynes 2015.

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