Are We All Just Puppets? (INSIGHT: PINOCCHIO)

Adam awoke to the smell of pine and sawdust in the air around him.  As he arose he noticed cardboard, paper and strands of ribbon surrounding him.  Everything seemed hazy, and he couldn’t remember how It was he ended up here.  His head was pounding as lights continued to flash incessantly around him.  Then the screaming started.

Adam did what he knew to do instinctively.  He ran for cover, and in an effort to secure a suitable hiding location he picked up his gun and his knife that had been lying beside him.  His thoughts were all jumbled and he had no idea when or where he was.  At times like this he remembered to slow down his breathing, to take deep breaths and slow down his heartbeat.  Then he noticed…he wasn’t breathing…

For the rest of the origin story behind PINOCCHIO from the upcoming series,
click on the INSIGHT page to the right.


PINOCCHIO © Fred Haynes 2015.

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~ by underworldstudios on September 7, 2015.

2 Responses to “Are We All Just Puppets? (INSIGHT: PINOCCHIO)”

  1. I have always thought the story of the wooden boy should have been darker.


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