Are The Aliens Already Here?


adjective: Martian
  1. Of or relating to the planet Mars or its supposed inhabitants.

Who destroys their own home?  Answer, nobody.  At least no one in their right mind, but, for the most part nobody.  We want to believe that things like this happens because we see this type of activity on television, however, as we all know life imitates art.  The vast majority of us would never just destroy our home, especially to make money.  Would you destroy an ocean full of creatures to get a few dollars from finding some oil, which in turn is going to damage the air you breathe?  You wouldn’t tear down a whole forest to look for advancements in modern medicine only to then give people synthetic chemical replicas of the beneficial plants you discovered.  Take it one step further…If you realized these chemicals were killing people, would you still keep it on the market?  If you were assured you’d make more than enough money to handle the lawsuits brought against you by the families of the people you harmed…what would you do?

Would you replace real food with fake food after discovering your fake food is what’s getting people sick and killing them?  Would you put drugs in animals and then have people and their children eat those same drugged up animals?  Would you get one group of people to slaughter another group of people as you sat back and watched?  Would you justify this by calling it war?  Funny thing about war is that the majority of the time the people declaring it have the least to lose.  For most people that I speak with the answer to these questions is no.  One would be hard pressed to find someone who felt otherwise but if you did find that person, you’d feel a strange stirring in the pit of your stomach.  The thought that might come to your head is “This person’s not human” and maybe you’d be right.  Maybe they’re not.

Some people might figure that there would be repercussions for harmful actions taken against nature and people.  Now I’m not talking heaven and hell, I’m simply talking about balance.  You can only go to the well but so many times before you run out of water.  So you know to conserve, you learn that early on.  There’s no such thing as an unlimited supply of anything, there may be a lot of it, but it’s not limitless.  Unless we’re talking about outer space.  From what we’re shown, it seems to be endless.  There’s probably millions of places just like this one, so if you knew that, then you wouldn’t really care about this place so much.  So then the question becomes, who really knows what’s out there?

According to what we’re told, scientists are still looking for suitable life sustaining planets.  My question would be why?  Do you plan on running out of resources on this one, and if so, aren’t you just going to go off to the next place and do the same thing?  I live here, so I kind of care about what happens here, and it seems a lot of other people do as well.  So who wouldn’t care if this place was bled dry and the people couldn’t live here anymore?  My guess would be people who had somewhere else to go…

…and someplace else to call home.

Maybe the aliens are here after all.


Up next week Monday, The Martian.

THE MARTIAN © and TM Fred Haynes 2015.

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~ by underworldstudios on September 9, 2015.

4 Responses to “Are The Aliens Already Here?”

  1. Good connection to what’s going on in the world; wars, fake crops, and aliens.


  2. Hello,

    I’ve not returned to full blogging, but while I popped in a few days ago, I did come across your blogged and liked what you have here. From artist to a fellow artist, I must say you are quite gifted.

    I’ve bookmarked your blog and will be commenting as much as possible (when I return).


    Liked by 1 person

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