Why Does Love Have to Hurt? (INSIGHT: THE ELF)

Andy had loved Lina with all his heart and now here he was sitting in a dark abandoned cabin in the woods.  His body was covered in dirt and blood as he rocked back and forth in a rickety old chair.

They had grown up together, however, as a little boy he always knew he was different.  The other children taunted and teased him, but, all of their cruelty melted away when she would place her hand on his face and caress his ears.  She would gently rub his head and tell him everything was going to be just fine…

click on the INSIGHT page to the right.For the rest of the origin story behind THE ELF from the upcoming series,


THE ELF © Fred Haynes 2015.

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~ by underworldstudios on September 21, 2015.

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