What Happens In School…(INSIGHT: THE GARGOYLE)

His childhood was plagued with pain.  There was no such thing as a good day, only a day that wasn’t as bad as the others. Each morning he arose to torture and torment and every night he went asleep to abuse.  His clothing was hardly more than rags, covered in the excrement of those who had worn them before him.  His shoes just barely agreed to hold themselves together, and his body was constantly cold.  The other children in the facility were not any better off, but each one had their own separate hell to endure.

The food there always had bugs in it.  The water was always clouded, and the hallways were dark and barely lit…if there was a light, it would flicker off and on.  All the children had the same jobs, scrub the floors on your hands and knees along with washing the dishes, clean the windows, organize the food supplies and do the laundry for the staff.  Somehow, those things never seemed so bad.  He knew what to expect and realized he would be left alone as long as he was busy.  From time to time, he made sure to catch himself as he began to develop a detrimental habit of gazing out of the window.  He always searched for busy work because being still meant you were lazy and the punishment was usually pretty severe for that type of insubordination.  The children were never exposed to the outside. Only the elder children were “allowed” to work there.

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THE GARGOYLE © Fred Haynes 2015.

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~ by underworldstudios on October 5, 2015.

2 Responses to “What Happens In School…(INSIGHT: THE GARGOYLE)”

  1. Is the Gargoyle going to be a regular series now? I’m curious to see how this is going, as it’s the second post about the character. This has a nice horror type of feel to it.

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    • The Gargoyle is just one of the characters who will play a role in the Further Adventures of John Henry. I do two posts of each character. One is an origin story and the other is an Op Ed piece that ties into the origin in some way. I hope to give all the characters their moment to shine in their own books. But right now there’s just one of me.


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