Men And Women Are Not Equal.



1. Also, Heracles. Also called Alcides. Classical Mythology. a celebrated hero, the son of Zeus and Alcmene, possessing exceptional strength: among his many adventures were the twelve labors for his cousin Eurystheus, performed in order to gain immortality.

We live in a time where everyone and everything wants to be equal to each other.  For years I’ve heard the argument about women being just as good as men in the areas of sports, jobs, and careers.  We’ve all heard it over and over again.  Women can be doctors, they can be lawyers, they can be writers and artists.  They can be whatever a man can be.  Just not a man.  Maybe I’m seeing this wrong, but, last I checked the definition for equal means the same.

I don’t know any men who can carry another living human being inside their body and sustain them off of whatever they ingest.  I don’t know any man whose body can produce the hormones necessary to support that same life for several months until they have passed through an opening in their body.  I don’t know a man who can truly hold a family together, the way a woman can.


I may be biased, but, from what I observe in my everyday life, a cat is not equal to dog, nor is an apple equal to an orange.  I think in the fight to be the same, people are losing what it is that makes them different. What’s wrong with wanting to stay home with your children?  They are the only things in this world that have any true value.  However, now in today’s society since women are supposed to be equal to men, it’s viewed as a sign of weakness.  Which is strange because every man knows that the hardest thing to do in the world is to be at home and raise your child…but somehow they tricked women into believing this is a worthless task.

To women I would pose these questions:  Why would you want to be equal to the person that has caused you so much pain and suffering throughout your life?  Why would you want to be the same as someone you view as an oppressor that is holding you back?

You are different.  You are special.  You possess abilities and characteristics that men will never have.  You will experience life in ways men can never truly imagine.  You possess power over any man to whom you’ve given birth.  So how could you possibly feel as though you’ll be viewed as lower than every man, when you produce them?

Every man I know from birth, is first and foremost the protector of his mother.  Once he finds a wife then he protects her as well…should he be blessed with a daughter, there is no force on Earth that will keep him from defending her.

I believe once women are “equal” to men, then the thing that made them so unique and so special begins to simply be acknowledged as something no different than the color of a shirt.  No longer will you be celebrated for what you are, you’ll just be one of the boys.  You will become the thing that in some aspects you hated…and once you are this thing, this equal, you’ll adopt its mentality and its culture.

The question will then become how long will it be before you find a reason to say that someone else…

…is not equal to you?

What does this have to do with Hercules?  Find out Monday.

Up next week Monday, Hercules.

HERCULES © Fred Haynes 2015.

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5 Responses to “Men And Women Are Not Equal.”

  1. Some wisdom going on in this post. Nice!

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  2. Thanks for the like and the follow. You’re logo is perfect and memorable. I really appreciate this post as even thought I am a shebear in protecting those I love, I don’t pretend to want to be equal. I know I am weaker physically and in some cases different than my husband when it comes to numbers and his thought processes. (thankful) All to say that since I am physically more weak, it therefore takes me more work to get the same job done! Thus more pay (tongue in cheek) : D (w=fxd) Good ol’ physics class. Again, Much appreciate this post. >ToLife<


    • Thanks for the compliment, you have a great blog as well. As for the being physically weaker aspect, I think of it like when I wasn’t as good as the average child at sports. It just makes you think about approaching things differently and in most cases I feel it ends up giving you an advantage. People don’t seem to put much thought into what comes easy to them. When you have to break something down to a science to accomplish the exact same thing, it can give you an edge.

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