God’s Gift To Women… (INSIGHT: HERCULES)

As he slowly placed on his toga, a smile appeared on his face.  Another satisfied customer, he thought to himself.  He was the greatest of lovers.  The recipient of his passion had now joined the ranks of what he called “The Grateful.”  He checked his hair in the mirror, slowly stroking and slicking it back with the perspiration from his brow.  “Many are called, but few are chosen,” he would say after a moment like this.  He was Hercules.

At least that’s what he called himself as he envisioned his strength and appearance to be comparable to that of the Greek god of mythology.  He continued to gaze upon himself in the mirror and watched cheerfully as the scratches and scars disappeared from his back.  He could heal from anything almost within minutes, and his wounds that he’d suffered from a disfiguring fire prior to Dr. Frank’s experiment seemed to fade after every intimate encounter.

click on the INSIGHT page to the right.For the rest of the origin story behind HERCULES from the upcoming series,


HERCULES © Fred Haynes 2015.

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~ by underworldstudios on October 12, 2015.

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