When Does Education Stop And Learning Begin? (INSIGHT: DR. FRANK)

About the man who would be known as Dr. Frank.

People hated him.  They considered him a know it all who thought that he was better than other people.  It couldn’t have been further from the truth.  He was doing everything he could to make his mother proud.  He carried her picture in a golden locket that he kept in his pocket to remind him that what he was doing was for her.  For years he had studied medicine to help people.  He had earned his Doctorate Degree in the field of Clinical Surgery and had written several books instructing young physicians at prestigious colleges.  Hence it came as no surprise to him when he was asked to meet with the founder of a new university hospital that was being built in his town.

Years of experience in his field coupled with a flawless surgical record would surely garner him a chief of staff position at the facility.  This was going to be a great moment.  He would be able to show the people of his community how his hard work and diligent studies had paid off.  He would be an even bigger inspiration to the children of his town.

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Fred Haynes

DR. FRANK © and TM Fred Haynes 2015.

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