Isn’t Love Without Respect Just Hate?


[frang-kuh n-stahyn]
1. a person who creates a monster or a destructive agency that cannot be controlled or that brings about the creator’s ruin.
2. Also called Frankenstein monster. the monster or destructive agency itself.

Someone out there thinks you’re a monster.  It may be hard to imagine that there is an individual that believes you are possibly the cause of all their problems.  They despise the thought of seeing you.  They hate your voice, your smile…your very existence is intolerable to them.

That’s nothing new.  We all know that this person is out there, and we accept it and deal with it.  However, what if it’s someone close to you?  Someone who you’d say you love and they would say that they loved you back.

Many people feel as though love excuses bad behavior.  It negates every bad thing said or done because the person says they love you.  How can that be?

Fred Haynes

I’ve seen people who claim to love each other call their family or spouse the absolute worst names you could ever imagine.  I’ve seen them steal from the people they professed to care so much about, and have watched them physically harm these people who mean so much to them.  Yet it all falls under the umbrella of love?

What then would fall under hate in their eyes?

I’ve seen parents beat their children as though they were their opponent.  People playing cruel and mean spirited pranks on those they’re closest to… but it’s all love.

Try getting those same people to do something that will make that person feel good about themselves.  Try getting those people to fight for the ones they love instead of fighting against them.  To yell across a crowded room how much they love someone instead of how much they hate them.  They will freeze…because it doesn’t seem right to them.

They have only learned how to show hate in the area of what should be love.  They don’t know how to encourage each other, only to tear each other down with humorous cruel jokes or unhelpful critiques.  Or when you need them, they’re never there.  But this is what people have called love.

How can you tell someone you love them, but then treat them like your enemy.  Maybe it’s that you never truly cared for them at all.  Maybe you’ve been taught that love means being mistreated or that it means never having to say you’re sorry.  Sometimes you’re led to believe that being hurtful is what is called tough love.  Which means you don’t bother to think of a pleasant way to say something that can be extremely harmful.

I’ve come to realize over the years that you have to learn what love really is on your own.  That without respect, there is no love at all.

For me when you tell someone you love them it means something very simple.  It means I’ll always try to “do” for you.  I’ll always have your best interest in mind.  I’m about trying to make your life better, for allowing me the privilege to be in it.

How can you honestly say that you love someone, if your actions always cause them pain?

That is hate…

…and it’s just the opposite…

…but that’s what passes for love these days.

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2 Responses to “Isn’t Love Without Respect Just Hate?”

  1. Sad to see these insights come to a close but I’m looking forward to all your other awesome projects.

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