Does Anyone Live Happily Ever After? (INSIGHT: FRANKENSTEIN)

Marcus was alone in the quiet room, standing in front of the mirror, reflecting on the life that he had now left behind.  This was a day that he thought would never come.  The unimaginable wedding day.

At first to her friends, even the story of how they met seemed a little odd.  They always felt that there was something strange about him.  After all, he didn’t dress the way they did, his hair wasn’t quite right, and his manners left something to be desired.  She and her friends were part of a higher class of people and Marcus, well he didn’t fit in with them.  However, once she talked to them they understood.

The moment he saw her, he remembered her from his childhood.  She was a neighbor of his whose family had moved away when they were both young.  From the moment she touched his hand it was magic.  Only Marcus figured she would fall for him.  For his charms and his money, like all the other women before her…but he was wrong.  He had met the one woman who his riches didn’t impress, and who didn’t laugh at his jokes, but, did find his choice in clothing slightly comical.  She was back in his life.

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Fred Haynes

FRANKENSTEIN © and TM Fred Haynes 2015.

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~ by underworldstudios on November 9, 2015.

2 Responses to “Does Anyone Live Happily Ever After? (INSIGHT: FRANKENSTEIN)”

  1. I wonder if what’s happening to him is coming from the same aliens that got Dr.Frank. Hmmmmmm…

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