A Little Clarity…On Beliefs

Little Clarity_SCIENCE

Little is questioning things again.
He just can’t seem to accept things at face value. Catch up with him again on Tuesday and afterward, you may have some questions of your own.

~ by underworldstudios on September 2, 2016.

3 Responses to “A Little Clarity…On Beliefs”

  1. Sorry Little, I can’t agree with you on this one. Science is based on empirical evidence that has to be tested on and proven. Religion is based on stories that never have to have any basis in reality, where the only need for proof is “faith”. Science needs to be proven. Religion only needs to be believed.

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    • At a certain level science can be taken the same way as religion on the premise that people are still simply believing what that are told. In many cases an individual cannot replicate the science that they quote, example vitamins and evolution.

      Evolution is not replicable nor has it been observed. No one has watched anything transpire over billions of years. It’s a large enough number that is thrown out to where you can’t say that it did or didn’t happen. As for the bible stories. They tend to fall in the same category.

      I can’t say whether someone existed a few thousand years ago because there’s no evidence. I myself have never searched for the evidence. Also bear in mind a few thousand years ago an ancestor of mine existed. Yet I have no physical evidence to say they did.

      Now in the case of vitamins. I myself have never seen a vitamin nor has the majority of the general public. They are all going on hearsay. The same with God to some degree. People don’t see him but state he exist. People don’t see vitamins but say we need them and that they exist.

      Both require faith in the person feeding you the information.


    • According to Little.


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