A Little Clarity…On Protests?


Little, as usual, is a bit concerned with things that don’t appear to make sense.
Perhaps there is someone out there who is wise enough to advise him.
Maybe he’ll get help before our Hero returns on Tuesday.

~ by underworldstudios on September 9, 2016.

4 Responses to “A Little Clarity…On Protests?”

  1. Once you protest and get your group of supporters that feel and think alike, then you lobby!

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  2. That’s just hate. Period. The people who protest against other people’s right to protest are just using this to cover how they really feel.Making death threats against someone who doesn’t stand for a silly song, but not speaking up when someone running for the highest office is allowed to call other races rapists and murders, or tell people in their own church that all they’re people are poor, violent and out of work.

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    • Do you think they’re really trying to cover how they feel or does it seem like they’re revealing it? I doubt some people would speak up against racism because they identify with those views. As for someone calling people names and vilifying them in their own church, I think if you invite the devil into your house you get what you deserve.


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