T.Ho.R (The Hero of Rockaway) Another Behind The Scenes.

Sickness has hit my household. And it is not pretty. But I still have to post something. So I figured why not give you another behind the scenes look at my creative process.
Here’s the stages I went through for the previous week’s column. See you again on Wednesday. Also please take note, soon you’re going to have to vote,
and I don’t mean for Donald or Hillary.

t-h-o-r_49_pencils_only t-h-o-r_49_pencils_lettered t-h-o-r_49_final_bwt-h-o-r_49_final

~ by underworldstudios on September 13, 2016.

2 Responses to “T.Ho.R (The Hero of Rockaway) Another Behind The Scenes.”

  1. Looks great! Hope all is well with the family. I better not start getting sick after commenting here though. Can you catch a virus through the computer? Like Dare I say….a computer virus…..ba dum dum tssss!

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    • I can delete the joke from the comment if you want. But everyone is getting better, immunity for us is low when dealing with kid germs. Those things are stronger than the front row of a bean eating contest.


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