T.H.o.R (The Hero of Rockaway) Episode 44: Judgement


T.H.o.R CRIME Episode 44 by Fred Haynes

T.H.o.R CRIME Episode 44 by Fred Haynes

Your votes are coming in. Keep watching to find out what happens.

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Maybe he’ll come back.


~ by underworldstudios on October 28, 2016.

4 Responses to “T.H.o.R (The Hero of Rockaway) Episode 44: Judgement”

  1. Of course Rockaway needs it’s hero and his sidekick! There’s so much more that needs to be answered! So many questions!!! Let’s get this train rolling again!

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  2. Every town needs a hero!

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    • I think heroes come in different forms, but the ideal hero should be a parent or relative. Heroes that children choose who are athletes and celebrities tend to end up making horrible decisions. Usually because they have a distorted view of the world based on their experiences. But there are a few who are actually down to earth.


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