T.H.o.R (The Hero of Rockaway) Vol 2 Episode 2: Not Like The Comic Books


~ by underworldstudios on January 13, 2017.

4 Responses to “T.H.o.R (The Hero of Rockaway) Vol 2 Episode 2: Not Like The Comic Books”

  1. Oh snap! I wonder who this them is? Enemies? Maybe a group of heroes he used to ride with? Whatever it is, I’m in!

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    • It could be. Or it could be his parents, Little’s parents, his siblings, old friends, maybe some pets, or maybe even an old pair of shoes. The possibilities are endless.

      But we’ll all just have to wait and find out I guess.


  2. “Whoever it is I’m in!”
    I see what you did there!
    But I like how you said that the cops can’t arrest you with no evidence. Makes a lot of sense and pretty much destroys the superhero genre in a way. If you take the law into your own hands then you operate outside the law, weather you kill or not. So ordinary superheroes don’t “stop” bad guys, they have fights with them in public which should cause for both of them to get arrested ’cause they put people’s lives in danger with their power. So it is better to do what the punisher does ’cause it eliminates evil. But like Gordon said at the end of Dark Knight, you have to become dark to protect the good, basically.

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    • Basically. The fights would almost be considered gang fights. What our hero does is try to inflict enough damage on the villains so that they think twice about ever having to confront him again.

      Depending on the severity of an injury or injuries. You will always reconsider doing what you did before.

      In some cases a villain can be crippled or scarred for life.


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